Engagement Summary

Rocky View County Council approved the 2024 Operating and Capital Base Budget on November 29, 2023.

Thank you for all residents and business who participated in the Public Engagement on Budget 2024. Below is a final summary report on what we heard.


Each year, Rocky View County budgets, plans, and invests for the future based on resident needs and community priorities. We invite residents to share their views and priorities on County services throughout public engagement on the 2024 Budget.

Engagement Phase 1

Throughout the spring and summer, residents were asked to share their views on the top issues they believe the County should focus on.

This information was gathered through Councillor Open Houses and an online digital forum. In total, 419 comments were shared, providing valuable insight into the priorities of residents. Additionally, 105 residents participated in an online survey to understand their satisfaction levels with the County's services, while 33 residents created and shared mock budgets with the County using an online budget balancing tool.

Thank you to all residents who took the time to share their views! Below is a summary of what we heard.

Engagement Phase 2

In October, residents were invited to an in-person information session to ask questions directly to members of the finance team about the budget. Residents came to share their views on the budget process and learn about budget document updates. Discussions focused on the budget process, the structure of budget documents, and any areas of concern.

Feedback shared centered around the following themes:

  • The new information included in the 2024 budget documents was considered relevant and helpful for better understanding.
  • Positive progress was noted in terms of reporting and transparency.
  • The County was urged to ensure residents understood the costs of delivering services.
  • The County was encouraged to manage expectations regarding new recreation development and infrastructure.

Engagement Phase 3

Residents of Rocky View County were invited to share comments on the draft 2024 budget directly to Council at an upcoming Special Council Meeting.

Wednesday, November 15, beginning at 9 a.m.
Rocky View County Hall, Council Chambers.


2023 Budget

Read the 2023 budget to learn about projects, priorities, and strategic planning underway at Rocky View County.