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South Springbank Community Event Centre

In 2015, the Springbank Community Hall was decommissioned, leaving numerous local clubs, user groups, and residents without a central facility for community activities.

To meet this need, the County is in the initial stages of building a Community Event Centre in Springbank. This proposed facility will include a main hall, studio space, and two multipurpose rooms, all designed for community use.

What's Happening?

Rocky View County has acquired the necessary land and is in the process of securing funding in the 2024 Budget for groundwork studies and planning.

In the spring of 2024, Rocky View County will conduct public engagement to help develop the design and function of the Community Events Centre’s main hall, studio space, and multipurpose rooms.

The South Springbank Community Event Centre marks Phase 1 in a 3-phase plan to build recreational amenities on the land parcel in south Springbank. Phases 2 and 3 may include an indoor turf facility, a walking/running track, parks, pathways, and outdoor sports areas. As decisions evolve, there will be continued opportunities for public engagement.

Project Timeline

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Between 2020 and 2023, Rocky View County undertook a comprehensive process of research, engagement, and planning to conceptualize the South Springbank Community Event Centre.


The primary purpose of the Community Event Centre is to replace the decommissioned Springbank Community Hall, which was closed in 2015.

The County has estimated an opening date of 2027, pending funding requests, public engagement, and budget allocations over the next four years.

Rocky View County has purchased 75 acres of land between RR 33, Springbank Road and Huggard Road.

The current estimate for the land preparation and phase 1, the Community Event Center, is $16 million.

Everyone! The Business Case outlines all the potential users for the community event centre.

Currently the County is working on Phase 1 of this project. Future phases have been identified and will be flexible as the County responds to emerging trends, resident growth, and evolving community needs.

The primary focus of this project is to replace the previously decommissioned Springbank Community Hall.

However, the new community event centre will have a large main hall, which can potentially accommodate activities normally seen in a school or recreation facility gymnasium.

Additional uses of the main hall will be determined with the community during public engagement in 2024.

Decisions around the South Springbank Community Event Center's amenities were driven by an Advisory Working Group, Recreational Needs Assessment, Recreation and Parks Master Plan, research of other facilities, and interviews with over 40 recreation service providers.


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