Thank you to all who participated in public engagement on the proposed rules and regulations for kennel operations in Rocky View County. A what we heard report is available here.

On June 11, Council voted to approve Bylaw C-8533-2024, which amends the Land Use Bylaw concerning the definition of kennel use. This approval includes all the recommendations outlined below.


Did you know there are 16 kennels operating in Rocky View County? These local businesses offer an important pet care service to residents, including off-leash play areas, overnight boarding, daycare, breeding, training, and educational classes.

Rocky View County is considering the implementation of rules and regulations around kennel operations within the County as part of the Development Permit process.

The potential regulations would provide clarity and consistency for existing operations and guide future kennel applicants wishing to operate within our County. Some of the regulations may include the following:

  • Establishing minimum distance requirements for kennel business operations from neighbouring properties to maintain privacy and minimize noise.
  • Implementing screening and fencing solutions for outdoor areas to ensure secure and well-maintained operations.
  • Developing manure management plans to ensure waste is managed effectively.
  • Addressing additional concerns raised through public consultation.

Public feedback is being gathered through a series of meetings, interviews, and the survey below. All feedback will be considered alongside other requirements, such as:

  • Functionality of new rules and regulations.
  • Flexibility of new rules and regulations.
  • Current resources and future use.

Project Timeline

Project Timline

Current Kennel Locations

Are you familiar with the nearest kennel operation to your location? Let this map assist you!

Map of current kennels operating in Rocky View County