The County Connection

The 2022 Citizen Satisfaction Survey told us residents want more information from the County, with 49% indicating their preference for an e-newsletter.

In June 2023, we launched the County Connection to respond to residents' request to have more information provided to them. The newsletter is sent out twice a month and includes Council decisions, events, and other timely news.

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The County Review

We are listening to residents who have told us they prefer the Rocky View Weekly newspaper as their delivery method for County information. The County Review — a central hub of County updates, is a section in each edition of the Rocky View Weekly newspaper.

When polled, here is what residents said they want to see in the newspaper:

🏗 91% of residents want to learn about new developments and construction

💁️ 78% of residents want to hear about County service updates

🏢 76% of residents want to know about meeting updates