Thank you to all who shared their views in the survey below, which is now closed. The feedback gathered through the survey will be presented to Rocky View County Council alongside the Aggregate Resources Stakeholder Advisory Committee Report and Administration's recommendations for the project's next phases.

The Council date is tentatively scheduled for July 23rd, 2024. Updates will be shared on this page.


Aggregates, such as gravel, crushed stone, and sand, are raw materials sourced from natural pits and quarries. These resources are essential for building roads and homes, among other things.

Rocky View County is working to understand how best to guide the aggregate resource industry to determine where extraction can occur and what additional measures are necessary in addition to current regulations to ensure this industry is conducted carefully and responsibly within the County.

To guide this work, Rocky View County formed an Aggregate Resource Plan Stakeholder Advisory Committee consisting of representatives from the country's residential residents, agricultural operators and landowners, and the industrial sector. The Committee worked from August 2023 until spring 2024 and has released a final report, which includes recommendations for the County to consider for future stages of the Aggregate Resource Plan project.

Rocky View County is seeking public input on the Committee's Final Report & Recommendations through the survey below. All public feedback will be shared with Council during the Committee's Report presentation, which is scheduled for a date that will be announced soon.

Thank you for your participation!

Committee Work

The purpose of the Committee is to provide recommendations on the creation of an Aggregate Resource Plan to Council. Council has not delegated any decision-making ability upon the committee; however, the Committee shall attempt to: 

  • Agree upon principles and approaches to guide the Aggregate Resource Plan, which reconcile the interests of residents, landowners, aggregate operators, environmental stakeholders, and the County. 

  • In the event that the Committee cannot achieve agreement, the committee shall consider areas of particular importance that need to be addressed.

  • Identify gaps in the previous Aggregate Resource Plan draft or the current Aggregate Resource Plan Terms of Reference, that should be addressed in any new document. 

  • Suggest areas of improvement that are required to the previous Aggregate Resource Plan draft.

  • Propose desired public and stakeholder engagement methods for the Aggregate Resource Plan project (e.g., frequency, type, location, and timing of engagement). 

The Aggerate Resource Committee’s purpose is not to undertake any detailed technical review of the previous Aggregate Resource Plan or to provide technical advice or studies to Council. In this respect, the Chair shall ensure that the Committee is within scope and meeting its wider purpose as set out above. 

Committee members include:

  • Committee Chair: Barbara McNeil
  • Residential Committee Members: Gerald Bietz & John Weatherill
  • Agricultural Committee Members: Hazel George & Tom Foss
  • Aggregate Industry Committee Members: Dale Soetaert & Monty McNair


The Aggregate Resource Plan Stakeholder Advisory Committee has submitted its Final Report & Recommendations to the County. Please review the document and provide your feedback through the survey below. All feedback collected will be presented and shared with Council to provide public perspective on the recommendations and report.

Please submit your responses before the end of day on Friday, June 14th, 2024.